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How Fillings Can Save Your Teeth

A healthier diet, better oral hygiene habits, and even drinking more water all contribute to strong, beautiful smiles. However, your Orangefillings City, FL, dentist, Dr. Andrew Yoon, recognizes that cavities can still happen even when we're vigilant. So he uses the finest in diagnostics, materials, and techniques to fully restore compromised tooth enamel. At Cape Vista Dental, you can trust that your teeth and gums will receive exactly the care they need.

What is a dental cavity?

Basically, it's a hole in your tooth enamel. As rock hard as this outer layer of your tooth is, it can wear out, and it can corrode because of acids secreted by an oral bacteria. This microbe lives in dental plaque and tartar. That's why removing these biofilms through brushing, flossing and professional cleanings is so important.

The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta says that 91 percent of American adults ages 20 to 64 have cavities. That's a lot of decay, but fortunately, modern dental fillings can save those teeth from further damage, extensive restorations and extraction. Your Orange City, FL, dentist places natural-looking and durable composite resin fillings to return damaged teeth to their best form and function.

What is a dental filling?

A dental filling restores a decayed tooth with a durable material such as amalgam (a blend of metals) or composite resin. Because of its strength and natural-looking appearance, composite resin is the material of choice in most cases. A unique and tooth-colored mixture of glass particles and acrylic, composite resin bonds directly to healthy enamel, eliminating the need for extensive enamel reduction in order to place a filling.

What are the advantages of dental fillings?

There are many. Dental fillings stop the advance of decay. Left untreated, a cavity can deepen, invading interior tooth pulp and causing an abscess, or infection. Ultimately, untreated cavities weaken tooth structure and necessitate expensive and complex restorations such as root canal therapy, dental crowns and even dental implants or bridgework if tooth loss happens.

Additionally, a filling strengthens a weak tooth, allowing for normal bite, appearance and oral function. It eliminates any toothache pain and dental sensitivity from the decay, too.

Do you have a cavity?

Don't delay. See your Orange City, FL, dentist, Dr. Andrew Yoon, and his team for a restorative dentistry consultation. If you need a filling, rest assured Dr. Yoon will place one which optimizes the health and appearance of your tooth, allowing it to serve you for years to come. Call (386) 774-0125 for an appointment at Cape Vista Dental.

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