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Sometimes Keeping the Tooth Isn't the Best Option

Are you concerned about a tooth and aren't sure if it should be extracted? Although your dentist is committed to helping you keep your teeth healthy, in some cases, extraction is the only solution to a dental issue. Dr. Andrew S. Yoon, your Orange City, FL dentist at ABF Dental, shares a few situations in which removal is the best choice for your smile.Tooth

Lack of room

Sometimes, there's just not enough room in your mouth when your permanent set of teeth begin to come in. If several teeth aren't removed, your teeth may grow in at odd angles or may begin to overlap. Crowding isn't just a cosmetic issue. It can make it more difficult to remove plaque from your teeth and may affect your bite. Dentists often recommend the removal of a few teeth before you receive braces. Once some of the teeth are removed, there will be more room to move the remaining teeth into alignment.

Cancer treatment

A tooth infection is one of the possible side effects of some cancer medications. Although your dentist will try to save the tooth, extraction may be needed to safeguard your health. If you will be undergoing radiation treatment of the head or neck, your oncologist may recommend the removal of any teeth that are not in good shape, as once treatment begins, oral surgery isn't recommended.

Wisdom tooth issues

Your Orange City dentist may suggest that you remove your wisdom teeth if they cause pain or become infected, or if tumors or cysts develop around them. When there's no room in your mouth for this third set of molars, your wisdom teeth can push on nearby teeth, damaging them.


Abscesses are often treated successfully with antibiotics and root canal treatment. Unfortunately, in some cases, these therapies don't get rid of the bacterial infection that caused the abscess. Prompt removal of the tooth will help prevent the bacteria from spreading to other parts of your body through your bloodstream.

Broken teeth

Extraction may be the best choice if a tooth is severely broken. Extraction is usually needed if the tooth is fractured at the gum line and can't be restored.

Is one of your teeth is bothering you? Contact Dr. Andrew S. Yoon, your Orange City, FL dentist at ABF Dental, by calling (386) 774-0125 to schedule a convenient appointment. Protect your teeth with regular dental care!

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