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A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Your Denture Decision

When you've got a mouth full of glistening teeth, you feel on top of the world--and your smile sure proves it. But when your teeth are failing you, and replacements are needed, it's likely you won’t be flashing as many smiles until you find the perfect dental fit. At Cape Vista Dental in Orange City, FL, you can rest assured that the best options for replacing your teeth will always be used by Dr. Andrew DentureYoon and his team. Dentures are one of the leading teeth replacements, as they look and feel like the rest of your teeth and can be installed in your mouth with minimal risk.

The process of making dentures begins when your Orange City dentist takes an impression of your mouth. Next, these impressions are placed on what's known as a dental articulator, which properly simulates the mouth's natural movements and workings. Essentially, the dental articulator examines the interactions between your upper and lower set of teeth so Dr. Yoon can be more confident about placing the dentures.

After that, wax rims are used to help the dental technician figure out where to place the replacement teeth. Once denture teeth are fastened into the correct area, they are further lodged in by wax, which is used to simulate proper gum anatomy.

Once the proper measurements of your mouth are taken, the now-solidified denture wax is stored in a container. Next, dental plaster is poured in with it to further solidify its proper placement, and the wax is boiled out of the dentures. This leaves adequate space for dental acrylic to adhere with the denture.

At this point, you've got your very own custom-made set of new pearly whites! Considering how stable and safe dentures are for any mouth, perhaps it's time you looked into your own teeth replacements by giving Dr. Andrew Yoon of Cape Vista Dental a call today for the oral answers you've been looking for right here in Orange City, FL!


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