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Dentist in Orange City, FL

The brief descriptions below are designed to familiarize you with our staff's training, professional credentials and work experience.

Dr. Andrew S. Yoon, D.M.D.

Dentist in Orange City, FL

Cape Vista Dental

Dr. Andrew S. Yoon, D.M.D. Dentist Orange City and Dentist Orange City,FLOrange City Dentist is how you can describe Dr. Andrew S. Yoon.  Since the office opened, many patients have flocked internationally to see him! His patients pride him on his “Honesty” and “Conservative Treatment Modality.” His dental office is located in Orange City, FL on Saxon Blvd. His goal is to serve even further in Deland to continue the positive dental growth!


Our Hygienists


Donna - Hygienists

Donna has been serving the Deltona and Orange City area for years. She is amazing at getting our patients relaxed and comfortable. She brings her teamwork and energy to the office everyday. Her attitude is always positive and uplifting!


Our Front Dental Office

Sheila, Office Manager

Sheila - Office Manager

Sheila has been with Dr. Yoon since the beginning! She has been instrumental in the success and happiness of the office. She has seen two renovations and family growth. She loves her patients, and will always go the extra mile for them. If you want a smile, just ask for Sheila!

Kim, Patient Relations

Kim - Patient Relations

Kim has been involved in dentistry for many years. She brings a business and management background to our office. Her professional yet personable disposition always brings a smile to everyone’s face. She landed her dream job working for an orange city dentist because she is a native of deltona. She is quick and ready to always make others around her happy. Orange

Catherine, Office Coordinator

Catherine - Office Coordinator

Catherine is well versed in many different skills. In her spare time is she involved in Teaching and running a Health Food Store. Her work ethic is second to none. She will bend over backwards for our patients! She will be leaving her position as an Orange City Dentist Manager, but will be returning as a hygienist in 2 years! Congrats Cat!


Glory, Insurance Coordinator

Glory - Insurance Coordinator

Glory is queen of insurance and front desk! She comes from a dental family as well. She is our newest addition. She joined our team because she wanted to mingle more with our awesome patients. If you need help with your insurance, she is the one to ask!


Our Dental Assistance


Barbara - Dental Assistance

Barbara is one of the best dental assistants in our area. Her clinical skills are knowledgeable and talented. She has mastered CEREC porcelain one day crowns and is working on perfecting her implant surgery treatment care.


Peggy - Dental Assistance

Peggy has the most general dentist experience on our team. She is a kind and willing team player. Her presence is essential to us. You will appreciate how she will care for you!