Signs That You May Need a Tooth Extraction
By Cape Vista Dental
December 24, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Wisdom ToothNo one looks forward to having a tooth pulled, but it's always been a common practice in dental offices around the world. Fortunately, tooth extractions are far less common than they used to be, thanks to advancements in dental procedures and a better understanding of how the teeth function. However, there are still instances where extraction is necessary, and Dr. Andrew Yoon of Cape Vista Dental in Orange City, Florida, is an expert in the procedure. Read below to learn if you have a condition that may require this treatment.


A car accident or a sports injury can cause tooth loss, but sometimes the tooth will shift out of place yet remain attached to the jaw. In some cases, your Orange City dentist can repair this displacement and avoid an extraction, however, if too much time passes or the nerves and blood supply have been irreparably severed, the tooth may need to be extracted. Fortunately, you have many options for replacing a missing tooth at Cape Vista Dental!


If you're chewing or biting into something and feel a breaking or cracking sensation in one of your teeth, it's definitely time to see your Orange City dentist. Although minor damage can be repaired with a crown, sometimes the tooth will sustain damage into the root, which can be quite painful and requires extraction. This is often the case when a tooth with a prior restoration, such as a root canal or filling, is affected.


One of the most common reasons extractions are performed in modern dental offices is to accommodate the movement of teeth while wearing braces. Removing teeth that impede the straightening process is a relatively common occurrence for adolescent patients.

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